On MRAs: Court Bias

Excellent summary of MRA points about men in the justce system. Well researched and makes good points- READ THIS!

Private Made Public

This is the second essay in a series on Men’s Right’s Activists. You can read Part One here.

Originally, the second essay in my MRA series was going to address child custody battles and the supposed bias against men that MRAs love to harp upon. However, after doing more research, I found evidence pertaining to this alleged bias in the court system as a whole, so I’ve decided to spread my wings and tackle all of these in one fowl swoop (yes, I know I used the wrong form of “foul”; I was going for bird puns).

I recently came across a blog post entitled “12 Reasons Men Are Second-Class Citizens.” The blogger provides a list of supposed discriminations that men face every day, and why we are treated far worse than women in our society. On the surface, he makes some valid points: Why are murder rates higher for…

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