Test print 

Just did a test print of the first 10 pages of our comic! I have a table booked for the 21st and the 22nd of May where I’m looking at selling a limited run of these before the full comic is for sale in October (ready for thoughtbubble) 



Mermaid Project.

Myself and one of my oldest friends Rebecca Taylor are currently working on a project together, we’re drawing mermaids inspired by the months of the year (and also special occasions) so far we’ve created 4 mermaids in different styles. 

January- Narwhal mermaid by Rebecca 

February- ringed seal mermaid by myself 

March- Blue whale mermaid by Rebecca


April- Jellyfish mermaid by myself

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Rebecca Taylor


Instagram: Beckki_Taylor

Katie Whittle

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Instagram: cold_ethyl


Sarah Kane

Exploring 4:48 psychosis again by Sarah Kane as I find the text really rich and the imagery pretty strong. I’m planning on an animation/ short film this year and this play has the possibility of being the subject matter. 


I used a mixture of dip pens and Sumi brushes and so far I love the effects, and how unsettling the work looks.

Inktober days 7,8,9

Mass post with a few days of inktober…
Day 7:

Tommy Wiseau theme, particularly ‘The Room’ in leau of the currently in production ‘the disaster artist’. The room is a brilliant room, definitely worthy of a watch. I used a mixture of derwent fineliners and a pentel brush pen for Tommy’s hair which gave the perfect texture.

Day 8:

I drew a picture of a Tapir I saw in Chester zoo a few weeks ago, I love tapirs and how they lol like tiny elephants (they are actually relatives) 
Day 9:

Return to horror theme here based on s picture I drew as a teenager. A ballerina with a meat skirt has always seemed cool to me. It was also an excuse to draw with some cool pens I got from CASSart student day, so there’s a latex paint pen used here and a line maker in blue. Overall the image was fun to create. 

Fairy Illustration


Meh I’ve persevered and I’ve ended up with an oookayish illustration. I used it as an excuse to play with colour, layer types and texture and in a way I quite like the result though I’m still not over joyed with it…In over news my boyfriend has bought us tickets to Leeds Thoughtbubble festival in November! I’m extremely excited as several adventure time folks will be there ! Keep an eye open for a girl with a green Mohawk and that’ll be me!