Stormcaller Kickstarter

stormcaller Clare Thompson

It’s been a while since i’ve pushed a Kickstarter i’m really interested in on my blog, but i’ve been waiting for this particular project for almost a year. I’ve watching the creator, Clare Thompson work on each watercolour image with painstaking detail on her Instagram and just HAVE  to see the printed result.

Stormcaller Clare Thompson

The Passing of the Storm

Stormcaller Clare thompson

The Scream

The book will be called Stormcaller, a 96 page graphic novel about a well to do town visited by a series of increasingly terrifying disasters and how they ultimately react to the happenings.

I’m sure anyone looking at the artwork from the project can see why i’m so excited for it to be funded! Go checkout her campaign here!


Check out this amazing artist!

Joelle Murray, her work is divine! I love the characterizations, the women she draws have so much character and are so beautiful.

This is my personal favourite

With this as a close second!

looking at her work makes me feel so inspired 🙂 best work i’ve seen so far on society6, yet with hardly any likes or follows.