Riot Grrrrrl

I've been hankering to draw a punk lady for a while and this happened, was nice playing with a different style! I particularly like the lighting effects 🙂 If you like my art i'd appreciate hugely if you like my facebook page and share!

I am now a Boxtroll!

 Yup, I loved Boxtrolls so much I decided I wanted to also be one 🙂 I chose the steak box because I loooooove steak and because i'm a meat head gym nut 🙂 I drew my favorite troll Shoe as well. I did this completely in Photoshop and practiced some new blending techniques! You can … Continue reading I am now a Boxtroll!

Huginn and Muninn

Illustration of Odin's ravens from my comic Helheim. In mythology they where a gift from Hel in thanks to Odin for presenting her with her realm Helheim. Odin used to send his ravens round the world to gather information for him. I created this in photoshop using my Surface Pro 🙂