Manchester Film and Comic con

For anyone whose in Manchester May 21st and 22nd we’ll be exhibiting for the first time! I’ll be there with my collaborator as Frisson comics and also the very talented Rebecca Taylor. We’ll have a range of prints and Jewellery available for purchase. 

As well as previews for our Kickstarter Comic ‘Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints’

You can buy tickets for the convention here

And you can pledge towards our comic here, you can get a full digital copy from Just £2!

 (if you come to the con and have pledged we’ll give you free hugs) 

We’re excited to see you all, swing by our table!



Still Available!

We still have 13 out of 20 of our premium packages for those backing £20 or more to our Kickstarter campaign. The package includes a PDF copy of the finished graphic novel, a high quality printed physical copy and best of all; a custom A5 sketch by Katie, just for you and of absolutely anything you would […]

Comic updates 

Spent the last two days promoting our kickstarter for our graphic novel locally with flyers. It was quite rewarding and many local businesses were very supportive, I only hope that people are interested in our campaign.

I’ve also done a lot of editing in the last few days. Making the comic is a very rewarding experience, I’m learning a lot about using different programs I usually wouldn’t have to use such as indesign and I’m also rapidly developing a distinct style of drawing. The top image is all the pages I’ve drawn and edited so far (all 28) I have 40 left to draw, it’s cool seeing all the pages together. The lower page is the latest test print just to see how the newer pages flow into each other and get an idea of the general thickness of the finished comic. The test comic is only 20 pages long so the finished book will be 3 times thicker and heavier. 

Support the campaign here

Comic Just Launched!

For anyone who has been interested in the comic pages i’ve been uploading recently. Myself and the writer have just decided to launch the comic via Kickstarter to raise funds to get it printed. We’ve decided to launch it as the first title of our comics label Frisson Comics and hope to have copies available at future conventions!

blurb copyrewards

Like the sounds of the Project? You can support us here!


 Print test of the first 11 pages of the comic.  

I just wanted to see what the comic would look like so far printed and how the pages would flow, I’m relatively happy with the results so far.  
Obviously the bigger the comic gets (I’m on page 23 with at least 41 left) it’ll be harder for me to do these tests so I’ll be making it in issues for my own benefit, then hopefully printing as a one volume graphic novel. 

Nausicaa – graphic novel

Yesterday my partner and I took a trip to Manchester’s Forbidden Planet. They have a massive selection of comic books downstairs and for the first time since I visited Japan I found copies of Myazaki’s Nausicaa and the valley of the winds!



The books come in a nice big box that keeps them together and also with a lovely water coloured poster (double sided) which I’ve chosen to put above my desk! They’re both hard back and pretty heavy which restricts reading them to bed or couch not public transport (not complaining) I’m only a little way in and I’m living it already, there are already some differences from the film and from the size of the books I expect there to be many more additions , Nausicaa herself is so amazing so far though. Myazaki writes amazing female characters, she’s wise thoughtful and strong 🙂 the novel also points out her father wanted a son but already she’s stomped all over gender roles!


Look at this beautiful artwork! Totally recommend this addition to anyone’s book case who has the dosh. Totally in love 🙂

New webcomic page

Due to aforementioned death in my family/Stress etc I’ve been neglecting my webcomic Helheim I decided to redraw my last page in Manga Studio instead and it looks a looooooot better, I feel more confident keeping up with the schedule I’ve set myself (every Thursday)- Check it out! I tried to get across the cold that Jen is feeling here, and feel pretty happy with the results.


Oh and here’s an extra shot of me working on the page in Manga Studio!


Small comic about respecting women’s choices

It’s a pet peeve of mine that when I say I don’t want kids people tell me I’ll change my mind. Firstly, I’m an adult and know what I want, secondly it’s my body and I can choose how it’s used. Thirdly it’s probably none of your business and fourthly not all women want babies or need them to have a meaningful existence.


I’ll post a clean version soon.