Oh Deer!

“She sees arise

The second time.

From the sea, the earth,

Completely green.

The cascades fall,

The eagle soars,

From lofty mounts

Pursues its prey.”



Had a little play with water couples last night after not touching them for quite a long time. I forgot how versatile they are and how even kinda crappy pictures can be fixed with a dash of colour!  

I decided to redraw my mermaid who I previously drew digitally which was fun to do although it’s definitely not my best picture I’ve ever drawn. I had fun doing the textures on her hair and face however and like how some of the colours have blended

I also did a study of a scorpion fish I saw at an aquarium that I’m fairly happy with, though the line work could be a lot nicer.

Riot Grrrrrl

riot grrrl

I’ve been hankering to draw a punk lady for a while and this happened, was nice playing with a different style! I particularly like the lighting effects 🙂

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I’ve been drawing all night, here are some sketches i’ve done while i’ve been foolin’ with my tablet…


Digital Pianting- Photoshop

here’s a segment of a digital painting i’m currently working on in photoshop, it’s of my character Hel in a comic i’m working on.

felixfelix hates you

And this is Felix my grumpy cat who i’ve been sketching all night 🙂


Odds ‘n’ sods


I’m going to try to do one post or one picture a day at least on this blog. This image is a very rough very quick sketch of my dungeons and dragons character. Her name is Soheila, she has an Arabic complexion and a scar and specialises I’m duel daggers and is a neutral evil rogue. I’m going to try and do a better drawing in time for when we play, that took about 5 minutes with no references so I’m pleased with it for what it is…even if she is wonky.


I did this little guy while I was in work last night. I wanted to draw a dragon and I was feeling pretty inspired by Appa from Avatar the last air bender, so there is a similarity. I tried to get the feel of Komodo dragons and basically did a cute version of their structure. I originally did him as a design for a short anti bullying comic I’m working on but I’m not sure if he fits or if I’m going to finish the comic.

I’m currently working on a short article about gendering of robots which I’m going to post in a few days.