Oh Deer!

“She sees arise

The second time.

From the sea, the earth,

Completely green.

The cascades fall,

The eagle soars,

From lofty mounts

Pursues its prey.”



I’ve been trying to experiment more with a flatter art style with my digital work. I was inspired to paint these wendigo illustrations, and I am fairly pleased with how they’ve turned out.

New Project Video


We decided to add a project video for our awesome Kickstarter horror comic ‘Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints’Β Β The campaign is currently doing really well and we have 12 days left. I’m finding working on the campaign is really exciting so far and i’m enjoying the response that my art has had from the public, i’m really excited to get it published!


From Death comes Life

Here’s a nice cleaned up version, now available as a print from my society6 shop! ($5 off and free shipping until November 8th) 



Playing with Mypaint



Sorry I haven’t updated for a few days

I started uni yesterday and had my induction which was cool (I’m going to have access to all kinds of awesome stuff like laser cutters and screen printing….Huzzah!) I will do some proper drawing tonight and tomorrow probably, but here’s some doodles I did at the pub last night!


The first was done because my friend suggested an octopus with glasses but I wanted to draw opera glasses and then she became a bit posh.


Then I decided to draw Hel Scott Pilgrim style and riding into battle on her boat of toe nails, which I think has turned out pretty good! I know Vikings didn’t really wear those horns but I figure someone tried it, died and Hel thought they were cool πŸ™‚ I lost interest in drawing all the toenails though :/ (this is a real legend btw)


Did both of these with just my multicoloured ballpoint pen so including them in my 75 day challenge πŸ™‚


I’ve been finding it very hard

To draw since my mum died in May. After a good sob and some encouragement from my boyfriend I managed to churn this out.


I got some awesome letraset markers for my anniversary gift from Tom which I’ve used here for the first time, very impressed with how easy they are to use!


Helheim illustration

Mixed media illustration of Hel, sumi ink and collage πŸ™‚ quite pleased with this image!