A collection of witch illustrations

I will potentially make these into wooden pins at a later date



In the same series as my Ursula picture I’ve drawn Maleficent! I’ve decided to do a Disney villain series in the same style as  they’re fun to do and a nice break between comic pages 🙂 

Here’s Maleficent, the villain from Sleeping Beauty! Drawn digitally in Photoshop 🙂 

New items in my Etsy store!

Hi guys! I have some pretty new items in my Etsy store

I’ve added some new Jewellery

No-Face drop earrings

Made from shrink plastic, measuring 2 1/2 inches so they’re quite long but STUNNING. No-face is my favourite Ghibli character by far so I couldn’t resist making them.
Iridescent red button earrings.

Made with recycled buttons, the buttons are so shiny and pearly. They look quite alternative while at the same time staying classic looking.

Vintage 60s/70s style button earrings

These vintage buttons look absolutely lovely as little stud earrings. They have a 60s / early 70s feel to me and would definitely look great with a summer wardrobe!

Handmade shrink plastic Sushi earrings.

I originally made these because I think sushi looks beautiful and I wanted a set for myself. It turned out that these were my most popular sellers at the comic con I attended this weekend so I made them available to buy online! 

Newly added prints

Thomas Sharpe- Crimson Peak

Originally drawn with my dip pen and ink, then scanned in and digitally coloured. This print is on a4 300gsm hammered card to a very high standard. Any excuse to draw Tom Hiddleston of course! 

David Bowie as Jared the goblin king. 

Digital painting of David Bowie as the goblin king, printed on A4 hammered 300gsm card. This print was my best seller at comic con so it’s by popular demand that I add it to my Etsy store. Labyrinth was one of my favourite childhood films so a lot of love went into this painting. 

Crimson Peak

Thought I’d take a break from working on my comic tonight and trying to get some work together for Manchester Film and Comic con. I decided to draw some Crimson Peak Illustrations as it is one of my favourite horror films and the visuals are vivid and really cool to look at. 

I drew Enola the Italian ghost, sadly I smudged the line work a little but I’m happy overall with how she turned out, I used a white pen to finish with which I never usually do but I’m glad I did this time as it gives the colour some depth. I may scan this image in and clean it to sell as a print at a later date if there is interest.

I also decided to draw Tom Hiddleston. I found him quite hard to draw at this angle actually and I’m not sure why, the picture isn’t 100% acurrate but I think it adds to the stylisation if the peice. I’m especially fond of how his hands turned out actually. 

Tim Robbins

A picture of Tim Robbins from my favourite film ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ it’s a beautiful movie that everyone should watch, especially if you’re a fan of the Silent Hill games. I used Faber Castel pencils  and Derwent fine liner pens on this pictures, I also ran it through my photo editing software Enlight for the second image which gives it an interesting effect I think.