Oh Deer!

“She sees arise

The second time.

From the sea, the earth,

Completely green.

The cascades fall,

The eagle soars,

From lofty mounts

Pursues its prey.”


The Trade

My posting has gone to pot recently, partially because I’m currently working on the next book from Frisson Comics 

The Trade Which we are now funding via Kickstarter.

Like with our last book Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints, we’re trying to create a unique horror experience for our readers, using inks and quills to get a very organic line and natural aesthetic to the story. 

I hope if this is any interest you might check out our campaign or even share it for us! This book is a must for indie comic fans 🙂 

Crimson Peak

I have managed to go watch Crimson Peak 3 times now in the cinema, there was no point during any of the performances where I felt bored or agitated or wanted it to hurry up and finish. It is definitely my favourite film so far this year, the visuals are stunning and the story captivating. Totally recommend this film for people who appreciate a creepy film not relying on jump scares but more driven by emotion. I decided to paint a picture in tribute, also as an excuse to paint pretty Mr Hiddleston