The Trade

My posting has gone to pot recently, partially because I’m currently working on the next book from Frisson Comics 

The Trade Which we are now funding via Kickstarter.

Like with our last book Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints, we’re trying to create a unique horror experience for our readers, using inks and quills to get a very organic line and natural aesthetic to the story. 

I hope if this is any interest you might check out our campaign or even share it for us! This book is a must for indie comic fans 🙂 


Firefly inktober

I’m pretty behind on inktober but I’m going to try and post for the next few days anyway. I decided to draw Zoe from firefly played by the gorgeous Gina Torres. I used Letraset markers for the colour and fineliners for the line work. The patterns were an afterthought because the price seemed pretty plain otherwise, overall I’m fairly happy with the result on this and enjoyed the practice (her hair is so fun to draw!)  


Inktober 11 and 12

As per request from one of my friends I drew Danni Filth using my Letraset markers, he’s ended up with a bogeye (a symptom of drawing on my knee at a slant sadly, so I decided to take the photo from that angle also)    
Secondly I decided since I’ve been playing a LOT of Pokemon I’d draw something more fun. Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar! Sadly my Plum marker dried up so poor Gengar looks a bit messy but it was fun none the less!


In other news Dweezil Zappa liked my picture of Frank I posted on Instagram (my tag is Cold_ethyl if you wish to follow me)


I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

Inktober day 10:

I wanted to practice my typography and chose to draw Ted from ‘I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream’ by Harlan Ellison.

I am a great soft jelly thing. Smoothly rounded, with no mouth, with pulsing white holes filled by fog where my eyes used to be. Rubbery appendages that were once my arms; bulks rounding down into legless humps of soft slippery matter. I leave a moist trail when I move. Blotches of diseased, evil gray come and go on my surface, as though light is being beamed from within.

 The full book can be read for free Here.

Inktober days 7,8,9

Mass post with a few days of inktober…
Day 7:

Tommy Wiseau theme, particularly ‘The Room’ in leau of the currently in production ‘the disaster artist’. The room is a brilliant room, definitely worthy of a watch. I used a mixture of derwent fineliners and a pentel brush pen for Tommy’s hair which gave the perfect texture.

Day 8:

I drew a picture of a Tapir I saw in Chester zoo a few weeks ago, I love tapirs and how they lol like tiny elephants (they are actually relatives) 
Day 9:

Return to horror theme here based on s picture I drew as a teenager. A ballerina with a meat skirt has always seemed cool to me. It was also an excuse to draw with some cool pens I got from CASSart student day, so there’s a latex paint pen used here and a line maker in blue. Overall the image was fun to create. 

Inktober day 6

I watched an awesome BBC documentary on rare deep sea sharks last night (Legemds of the deep: deep sea sharks available on iplayer currently) with David Attenborough doing commentary. I thought they were beautiful and scary in a primordial way and I just needed to draw them (another ocean obsessed drawing under my belt) 

Sharks in order:

Frilled shark

Goblin shark

Bluntnose sixgill shark

Megamouth shark.

The first image is drawn in derwent 1.0 fineliner and I’m really happy with the results and layout. I kinda wanted an encyclopaedia/ indie vibe. I may scan this image in and explore print options.

The second image I did not so much part of inktober but more because I got a pentel brush pen today I wanted to play with and get a rougher quality image with a Japanese feel as the pen has a Sumi quality. The hirigana in the corner simply means shark, and the shark is saying Hai because…well I actually think sharks seem pretty friendly and look like they’re just saying hi sometimes 🙂 

Inktober day 4

I’m posting these pictures, even though I’m not overly pleased with them as a whole as inktober is about improvement and practice. I decided to draw Sandra Bullock from gravity to start with, because I found that film haunting and beautiful, and because I watched The Martian (2015) Ridley Scott a few days ago and was so disappointed with the visuals and themes that I had to go back and draw from a superior film. The second image is Marion Cotillard in Macbeth (2015) which I saw last night, and although it wasn’t the greatest version I’ve watched I loved the visuals and I loved how Lady Macbeth was portrayed.

I’m happy stylistically with my pictures and with the quality of the work, I just feel that neither look like their intended actresses. Day 5 will be better.

Inktober 2015

i’m a little late but here are my day 1 and 2 Inktober drawings!  

I’m currently sticking to a creepy October theme (although neither Pan’s Labyrinth or Dark Crystal are horror films) both the Skeksis and the Pale Man creeped me out quite a lot. I may not stick to this theme but we’ll see, and I’ll post my day 3 illustration tomorrow!