A Risograph Test print

We got a new Risograph printer in work this week which I’ve done some tests on

I’m quite excited to do some more Risograph work in the future! I love the texture it gives to my work, it adds so much depth to the pieces.


Inktober day 4

I’m posting these pictures, even though I’m not overly pleased with them as a whole as inktober is about improvement and practice. I decided to draw Sandra Bullock from gravity to start with, because I found that film haunting and beautiful, and because I watched The Martian (2015) Ridley Scott a few days ago and was so disappointed with the visuals and themes that I had to go back and draw from a superior film. The second image is Marion Cotillard in Macbeth (2015) which I saw last night, and although it wasn’t the greatest version I’ve watched I loved the visuals and I loved how Lady Macbeth was portrayed.

I’m happy stylistically with my pictures and with the quality of the work, I just feel that neither look like their intended actresses. Day 5 will be better.

Tim Robbins

A picture of Tim Robbins from my favourite film ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ it’s a beautiful movie that everyone should watch, especially if you’re a fan of the Silent Hill games. I used Faber Castel pencils  and Derwent fine liner pens on this pictures, I also ran it through my photo editing software Enlight for the second image which gives it an interesting effect I think.