Manchester Film and Comic con

For anyone whose in Manchester May 21st and 22nd we’ll be exhibiting for the first time! I’ll be there with my collaborator as Frisson comics and also the very talented Rebecca Taylor. We’ll have a range of prints and Jewellery available for purchase. 

As well as previews for our Kickstarter Comic ‘Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints’

You can buy tickets for the convention here

And you can pledge towards our comic here, you can get a full digital copy from Just £2!

 (if you come to the con and have pledged we’ll give you free hugs) 

We’re excited to see you all, swing by our table!



Inktober 11 and 12

As per request from one of my friends I drew Danni Filth using my Letraset markers, he’s ended up with a bogeye (a symptom of drawing on my knee at a slant sadly, so I decided to take the photo from that angle also)    
Secondly I decided since I’ve been playing a LOT of Pokemon I’d draw something more fun. Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar! Sadly my Plum marker dried up so poor Gengar looks a bit messy but it was fun none the less!


In other news Dweezil Zappa liked my picture of Frank I posted on Instagram (my tag is Cold_ethyl if you wish to follow me)